Durable Goods

CRS has been working in durable goods since we opened our doors almost 25 years ago.  We have primarily worked with clients in the automotive, electronics, household appliance, construction equipment, and residential and commercial lawn equipment and tractor space.

Any durable good that has features and functionality is right in our wheelhouse of design expertise.  We have helped develop product attribute wants/needs through the QFD process, feature sets and options, appearance and design elements, pricing and demand elasticity, and brand image assessment.

We have executed studies in this category using a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies including central location testing (CLT), online, mall, on-site, telephone, mail, and hybrid designs.  We were one of the first suppliers to develop an integrated quantitative/ qualitative approach for assessing durable goods.

Our Durable Goods specialty products have been developed to meet the specific needs of the category particularly related to new product development, innovation, and strategic research.   A brief description of each specialty product follows: