Concept/Product Screening & Refinement

During new product development cycles, concept ideas or product prototype ideas are often generated and deemed as possibly acceptable for further development.  Having a strong stream of ideas for testing ensures a strong product pipeline.  It is common to “screen” the number of concepts or product ideas and establish a priority for further development efforts.

CRS conducts many concept and product screens for clients.  The concept screens generally include 15-20 ideas (up to 100 ideas have been accommodated by some of our approaches), while product screens generally include 3-5 products.  The concepts/products include both new ideas as well as current control or benchmark products that are known to be high performers.  We generally prefer to test pictures/drawings/prototype with descriptions and where possible, include a price.

In our more traditional approach, concepts/product ideas are evaluated on liking, appearance, purchase intent, uniqueness, attribute diagnostics, and value for the money.  We often incorporate group discussions or in-depth interviews to provide insights into the quantitative ratings.

Analytically, we often optimize the line of ideas through the use of TURF Analysis which identifies the ideas that in combination will yield the greatest incremental sales.  The end result of the screening is a prioritized list of concepts/products to take forward in the development process and suggestions for improvements.

A second concept/product screening approach incorporates Max-Diff (Maximum Difference Scaling) which allows for a prioritized list of concepts/products to take forward in the development process.  Customers essentially trade-off the concepts in terms of the ones they would most likely buy to least likely buy.  This creates a prioritized order as well as a pseudo-utility score for each concept/product.  We can also TURF the Max-Diff results to yield the line that produces the greatest incremental reach.  We also collect PI and a handful of other overall measures for each concept/product.

CRS creates and maintains concept/product screening databases for many of our clients.  Being able to compare concept/product scores to database winners, highs and lows, averages, etc. is very valuable in helping decide which concepts have the greatest opportunity to succeed and therefore should be pushed forward.  The best data-based concepts/products are the client’s own.  It just takes a few studies to get enough ideas so we can create the database.

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