Purchase Decision Process

CRS has helped numerous clients better understand the purchase process for its products.  This learning can be invaluable when trying to develop communication strategies to positively influence the purchase decision.

The purchase decision process for any product consists of a number of fairly linear macro-phases that a customer experiences.  It begins with the Consideration Phase and ends with the Purchase Phase.  Contained within these macro-phases are a variety of more detailed activities that also occur as part of the process.  As well, customers also evaluate the core performance factors or features of the product and its competitive set.

Our approach quantifies the various stages and activities included in the purchase decision process, identifies the length of time spent in each phase, determines the impact of the activities and phases on the purchase decision, and assesses the most important attributes of the product.  When these stages and activities are understood, communications and actions of the marketer can positively impact the purchase decision.

CRS has a tremendous amount of experience with this type of strategic study.  Not all of the studies have included the full range of techniques just outlined, but all have included select analytical components.

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